Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Andes Crossing Part 2!

As usual, my latest long haul bus ride over the Andes was ridiculously amazing and picturesque.

Uncharacteristically, the bus arrived at the terminal in Puerto Montt an hour late. For long haul buses, they seem to take off exactly when it is stated. We took off at about 930, and I promptly crashed for an hour and a half so I'd be awake for the good part over the Andes. The bus went north first to the city of Osorno, then headed over the Andes to Bariloche. I grabbed a top level front seat for the best views.

By about noon we started to go up, and we were basically in a forest. For the next 4 or 5 hours, we winded through the Andes, going up and down. This crossing is not as tall as near Mendoza, so it is really green everywhere. There were plenty of lakes here and there, and in the peak of the trip, towering rock formations and forested peaks.

We stopped first at an outpost in Chile to get stamped and exit. About an hour later, we stopped at an outpost in Argentina to get stamped for entry and get searched.

Anyways, about 6 or 7 hours later, I was in Bariloche. It kind of feels like Lake Tahoe, but the city isn't as peachy and cabin like.

The bus at the Argentinian Border crossing. A few bags got searched. They didn't take my garlic!:

ye Bye Chile! Maybe I'll see you again soon:

A few hours in starting to get foresty and going up:

Hi Argentina!

A bit windy and some big mountains, but it has nothing on Aconcagua!

The lake is about 60 miles long...Bariloche is the biggest city on it, about 100,000:

Almost there! It got really desert like 15 miles outside of Bariloche then switched back to forests:

As a side random note, supermarkets have hilarious American like names. For example, BIGGER, JUMBO, FULLFRESHMARKET, and other great titles. Just waiting to see a supermarket called GRANDE. Did see a few Walmarts but I have no clue where at this point.

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