Saturday, March 6, 2010


I´m in Mendoza contemplating my next move...I have a bus to Santiago on Tuesday, but I´ve been hearing some iffy things. I am sure everything is fine. I am thinking of hanging out in Mendoza for a few more days, which will give me time to go to Uspallata, where Seven Years in Tibet was shot. Then maybe going to Cordoba, Argentina, for a bit. I´ll monitor the situation and keep tabs on my flight status to easter island from Santiago on the 15th...the airline is not operating at full capacity yet, so we´ll see.

Moving to a hostel for Sunday and Monday after I go camping with my couchsurfing hosts in the mountains tonight. Supposed to take a tour of a few bodegas, plus a olive press on Monday.

I should have a few real posts later when I get to the hostel on Sunday, which has wi-fi...I´m at the locutorio paying for internet and just can´t seem to make a real post here, haha.

Thats the scoop.

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