Monday, March 1, 2010

Holy Moses!

Doing Well!

So, I was in Colonia, Uruguay when the big terremoto hit Chile, on my way to Argentina that day. It was at like 330 am when it happened, so when I got up I saw it on the news. No, I did not feel the earthquake. Actually, there was a kid in my room at the hostel from Chile on vacation, not sure what part, but felt bad for him, I wonder what he did...I tried to explain to him at like 9am that there was a serius earthquake in his country, but some other guy had taken him out the night before and that muted his response a bit..

Anyways, thanks everyone for sending me emails and posting things on my wall on FB. I probably was not as clear as to my whereabouts and timetable. When I got to Argentina the servers were all knocked out and I couldn't send emails immediately. I sent a few, but apparently they came through blank on the other side.

Today though, I got a pretty iffy email from the program saying everyone in the program was ok (volunteers, families, etc), but the program building, server connections, some families houses, maybe some schools, had been jeopordized from the quake, and that MAYBE the 8 month program is cancelled. I repeat, MAYBE. They just dont know, and they have a lot of crap to sort through. The 4 month program, which was supposed to start this week, was permanently cancelled. I was given the option of cancelling and refunding my program cost.

For the meanwhile, I am here in Buenos Aires until Wednesday night, staying with a couchsurfer, then I go to Mendoza, Argentina, from the 4th-9th. I am not sure after this. The plan was Santiago. I do have a flight to Easter Island on the 15th, who knows if that is a go or not. After the 9th, I am really not too sure where to go.

So, I have not a clue. Ideas on things to do, places to go? Should I camp out in Buenos Aires for a month take Spanish lessons? Travel around more? Teach English on the side through craigslist? Hope the program is not cancelled? Go to Asia? Make my way through the Amazon up to Columbia or bus down to Patagonia? Post a comment here or on FB.

For some reason, though, I must say that I am excited at the prospect that I am already down here and my options are almost limitless at this instance in time! Now, about those options...

And for this blogs conclusion, I present to you, abbey road:

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  1. I am looking into other volunteer options in the area...I have a feeling the 8-month program will be canceled. I mean, how much can they solve in just 2 or 3 weeks?

    Personally, I am just happy my friends and family are okay.

    As for your options...I don't know...I am thinking about heading down to Latin America anyway, or taking a job with my sister in Korea. The possibilities are limitless, but man, I was really set on Chile!!

    Take care and keep us posted!!


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