Sunday, March 28, 2010

Retirement should look like This!

This is how I spent Tuesday in Santiago:

0800: Wake up to sun filling the room in couchsurfers 8th story apartment. Walk onto balcony to take in view of Santiago, the Andes, blue sky, and sun

0830: Leave the apartment. Take metro to the center of the city.

0900: Arrive at center. Walk around for an hour and look for café con piernas, settle for a Parisian-like café. Order a double expresso. Set up laptop and hunker down for a few hours with my coffee.

1230: Leave café. Walk around for half an hour. Get hungry.

1300: Order two completes and a glass bottle sprite for $2. Decide that I’ve had enough completes for this year.

1330: Head out to Plaza de Armas, study Spanish for 2 hours, take in 75 degree weather, watch people.

1530: Walk around again. Check out central fish market. Pick up fresh orange off a street vendor.

1630: Return to Plaza de Armas. Start studying again on a bench. Fall asleep in front of group of people playing chess.

1730: Wake up. Start studying again. Guy sits down next to me. Strikes up conversation. Starts talking about the philosophy of life and the universe in Spanglish for an hour and a half, including diagrams with key buzzwords like birth, death, nirvana, equilibrium, subconscious, and fluid. Decide he is crazy, after he told me he was crazy.

1900: Tell guy I need to go to the bathroom to get away. Search for dinner. Settle for a lomito italiano for $2.

1930: Return to Plaza de Armas, study Spanish for 1 more hour.

2030: Switch benches. Watch people.

21:00 Take subway back to couchsurfers apartment. Strike up conversation with a guy on the metro with an Basic English Phrases book. Talk for 20 minutes. Leave train and arrive home by 2145.

All in all, can’t say I did anything difficult all day, used my brain a bit, and had a great time doing so.

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