Wednesday, March 3, 2010

From Buenos Aires.

Well, the last 3 days here have actually been really relaxing, despite arriving in Buenos Aires 12 hours after the earthquake, then finding out 2 days later that my program MAY be cancelled.

The first day was pretty stressful, though. I landed in BA and made my way to my hostel, a good 30 minute walk from the port. Upon arriving, I found out that I had booked my room for March 27, not February 27! Last time I make that stupid mistake. So I had to walk around for a few hours to about 6 different hostels to find a room. Of course, it was Saturday, so the only thing I could find one single room at one hostel. I didn't mind it, actually, after staying in 6 person dorms the past few nights, but the price was triple (a whopping $32!, expensive for a hostel without your own bathroom).

With that squared away, I called up Deborah from Montevideo who was in BA for the weekend visiting friends. Her friends, other Rotaractors in BA, happened to live only 6 blocks from the hostel. I went over, we sipped on some delicious mate, then headed out to San Telmo for dinner in a plaza with live music. Rough. I also enjoyed a Milanesa, topped with cheese and tomatoes. I hadn't heard of it before. Google it.

I had a great couchsurfer host me Sunday through Tuesday, which felt like being at home. I had keys and all, to a apartment in old San Telmo with a nice view of the streets. Kind of felt like I was living in BA for a few days! I came and went as I pleased, cooked some food, went to grocery stores, and of course walked around. One night with my host, we went to his friends house to bottle some beer! If you know me, that was definitely an interesting things to see, brewing in BA. Of course, I learned that not many people brew beer down here, it requires 2 important things, space and money. My opinion so far on most South American beer: very light, some strikingly similar to water. If you are reading this from South America, well, I'm just saying I prefer darker beers, haha.

So, after playing a futbol game with 14 couchsurfers for an hour Sunday night, I was basically dead for the next few days out of soreness. I rested and was lazy the next few days, walked around a bit, made myself at home, and one night had some beers with 5 Rotaractors from another club. I find Buenos Aires to be a really cool city, very old & even European, tons of stuff to do, really cheap, and if I had to choose somewhere to stay for awhile, it probably would be here (or Rio).

Having a cerveza in Palermo:

Anyways, I am probably going to proceed with my original travel plan. I have a flight to Easter Island on March 15th, and tonight (Wednesday), I am going to Mendoza by bus for about 5 nights. Full cama bus (supposed to be like first class on an airplane). A $66 ticket for a 14 hour bus ride. Not bad for first class.

About the program, well, I have been thinking about cancelling and just travelling or setting up shop for a month in BA to try to learn more spanish and maybe even try to make a little money teaching. I also emailed the program today about another program they have, for 2 months, in the summer for June/July, to see if I could switch. That would allow me to participate in the program, but also travel to more places. We'll see.

Obligatory Tango Photo:

Part of San Telmo Sunday street fair:

Evita's view from the palace:

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  1. Chile needs people, it needs visitors to keep coming. I don't know where you were potentially going to be, but everywhere Santiago/Valparaiso and North is minimally damaged. If OpenDoors doesn't cancel on you, please don't cancel on it. You'll still have a great time.


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