Thursday, April 1, 2010

Finally Learning

Great to have a week of relaxing and doing not much of anything here in Bariloche. Moving around gets a bit tiring (nonetheless, can't complain cause its still fun). So here's my daily schedule this week:

8:00 Get up.

8:25 Walk to class for 35 minutes

9:00 Take 3 hours of Spanish classes

12:00 Walk home for 35 minutes

12:35 Bum around for an hour, talk with couchsurfers in Spanish

13:30 Do my Spanish homework

14:30 Bum around, talk with couchsurfers in Spanish, or take a walk.

17:00 Study some Spanish

18:00 Take afternoon mate or coffee and some snacks at the kitchen table with the couchsurfers. Continue to learn in Spanish with them.

19:00 Clean the table from afternoon cafe/mate. Bum around and chat until its ready to make dinner

21:00 Cook dinner

Thats about it. And quite enjoying it all. My couchsurfers here are some of the friendliest and most accomodating I've been with. I cooked dinner for them tonight while they provided the snacks and drinks. There are 2 guys living here...their brothers, sisters, and neices and nephews are always dropping by. It's a pretty tiny place so I sleep in the kitchen/dining room combo. They really enjoy correcting my Spanish and helping me out, plus every once in awhile ask about words in English. It's holidays for Easter starting Thursday afternoon, so no classes on Friday. But nonetheless I am learning a ton because I haven't had any learning structure past practicing vocabulary since I arrived here. Since I've been talking so much in Spanish this month, I have alot of questions for the teacher and should be able to benefit alot from only 12 hours of lessons. After Thursday, there are some great places to hike around here, so I'll probably climb a few hills for some good views. Still trying to decide where to go next after Bariloche. South, but not sure in what order, speed, or manner.

With hosts Ulises and Fabian having fun trying to fix my flat inflatable bed:

A view from near the Spanish school of the lake:

Main Square in Bariloche:

My street for the week:

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