Tuesday, April 27, 2010


So after I spent 5 days with my friend Lautaro in San Telmo Buenos Aires, I switched places in Buenos Aires for a few days to stay with a friend I had met here on my first trip down.

I switched neighborhoods to Recoleta/Palermo to stay with Brian, from Colombia & New Jersey, who is studying at one of the Universities here.

Not much to report except that I passed the next few days with more walking around in new areas. One night, we went out to a disco with some of his friends. If you ever heard nightlife down here doesn't kick in until late, your right. We got there at 1230, and the place wasn't too populated. By about 2 or 230, it started to get pretty busy. We took off at about 5am, and there were still lots of people there. I might also reiterate that this was a Wednesday night. When they say that Buenos Aires is the city that never sleeps, I'll have to agree with that. The place was populated with poor students, rich couples, and everything in between, a very interesting mix.

Anyways, I got sick of staying with people for 11 consecutive days, so I switched to a hostel, where I have been for 5 nights.

Friday night I went to a restaurant meeting with one of the Rotaract clubs here. There are 14 clubs, so there really are alot of people involved in it down here. After the meeting, I went out of a few drinks near Recoleta Cemetery with a few of them.

Saturday, there was this big Rotary & Rotaract conference I decided to go to, which I though would be a good opportunity to meet lots of people. I did end up meeting quite a few people, and several took down my information to let me know when there would be meetings and gatherings later in the week.

I didn't get the memo that I should have worn something nice to this, haha:

There were a ton of people at this conference, considering as much because there are something like 45 Rotary clubs in the city limits alone, one of which has 350 people. So I tried my best to just walk around and meet people.

They had some people in their 20s talk about how they were being sent to Germany by the Rotary clubs here for some sort of inter exchange program. Most of the students had travelled all over the world and that's all they talked about in their presentations, and I kind of felt like I was in some sort of uppity parent sponsored travel club. I thought them might talk more about volunteer programs and that kind of thing. Anyways, the program is a good idea, the conference was good, and I met alot of people.

I then got invited to go to some more Tango lessons on the following Monday night. Let me say, even for this being my second set of lessons, graceful walking has never been so hard. You need to feel the music, relax, and just do some simple walking moves. Anyways, it was fun, I'm not trying to be a pro or anything at the tango, so that might be it for my up and coming career.

Tuesday, I went with Lautauro to play some Ultimate frisbee. It was basically a training session for one of the four teams in Buenos Aires. All of the whopping 6 or 7 other people there were really nice, there was even a guy from Michigan who had been living in BA for 10 years. So both Lautaro & I sucked and had never played, but there was a trainer there that taught us throwing techniques. Then, we ran alot, and did alot of stretching. And I realized I should probably try to excercise more instead of just doing alot of walking, cause today I am ridiculously sore.

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