Friday, April 2, 2010

Things Not to Say

Here are my observations about odd things I have encountered learning Spanish.

I've learned quite a few things NOT to say, for example:

‘Estas acabado? – Are you finished (for example, using the bathroom)? Umm, bad sexual connotation, never say this one again. Of course, it is 'technically' correct, but instead say ‘Ya termino?’

‘Me quieres cocinar algo’ (Do you want me to cook something?) – Not only an entirely wrong & nonexistent sentence structure (subjunctive practice will take awhile), but me quieres anything seems to have a sexual connotation that makes people laugh. Instead I must say Quieres que te concine algo?

‘Estoy exitado’ – No, I’m not horny, I was just trying to say ‘Estoy emocionado’ (excited).

I’m sure I said a lot more funny stuff that people were too courteous to point out...

Then there are also verbs for everything. Even the most obscure things. Two of my favorite so far with no literal English translations:

Asphaltar – To ‘asphalt(ize)?’ Okay, to put down asphalt on a road.
Solucionar – To ‘solucionize’. Okay, to find a solution.

Off to go shopping for ingredients to make some very American ‘California’ hamburgers and mashed potatoes for my couchsurfing hosts tonight in Bariloche. ‘California’ burgers were specifically requested.

Host Ulises making pizza for dinner the other night, complete with tomato sauce, onions, palmitos (hearts of palm), cheese, and ham:

Host's families dogs. The male would like to ferociously kill me 90% of the time (one time he licked me to death, thats it), thankfully there is a hefty metal chain that keeps him about a few steps away from me on exit:

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