Thursday, January 7, 2010

Whittling the Days Away

Well, its snowing like crazy today. It's weird to think this could be my last snowstorm in Chicago, mostly a good thing, it's a pain in the ass, but hey, you miss what you can't have at the time. I'm sure someday I'll want to visit during winter to relive the mind numbingly painful cold, key word: VISIT. Ha.

I'll be getting my Tetanus and my Hep A shots Friday. I think I might be able to write these off on my insurance because people get these shots normally anyways. Hopefully the suckers take the bait.

Looks like I only have about 6 days left at UL. Such a crazy thought! Good, bad, ready for the next year though. One of my coworkers scheduled a lunch for Thursday the 14th with alot of the people I have worked with, the day before my last work day, so that should be fun. Definitely a good group of coworkes and a great job, I am a bit crazy to leave, but gotta do what you gotta do while you can. I also am having a adios fiesta in the city on the 15th, with some drinks at my place to get rid of all my wine, and then a stop at the bar down the street, and maybe a final visit for some live jazz at the Green Mill.

In other developments, I am still working on my 60 hour class I am taking online for ESL training. Should have it done before I leave. It's a good class and is giving me some good resources, but I still got to get behind the wheel and drive the car. I can't say I'm nervous about anything at all for the next year except the teaching! Whose going to listen to a schlep talk like me? It'll be raining spitballs. ha. I haven't been practicing much Spanish since I got back from Mexico, so I am hoping to start up a bit more the next few weeks. Gotta close my safe deposit box here in Chicago, change my oil and rotate my tires, and that should wrap up some of the final loose ends.

Maybe I'll go out and play in the snow while I still have a chance later today, ha. Oh, and book a flight to Uruguay, hooray.

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