Monday, January 25, 2010

Cross Country Trip

So, it took only 4 days to drive 2449 miles from Chicago-Oakland, and I must say, even with very few stops, I must say it was still quite fun, thanks in part to some good weather most of the way, and some muy bueno scenery.

The first day was cake, I just drove to St. Louis (to be proper, Eduardsville, IL) to visit some friends, a paltry 5 hours.

The second day I had a goal of Oklahoma City or maybe a little further, a good 8-10 hour drive, but somehow managed to go about 300 miles further, to Tucumcari, New Mexico. 888 total miles!. Certainly a record for 1 day. Guess you can do that when you combine gas fill ups with McDonalds drive through stops. My ass was definitely sore by stop time, the fruits of sitting in one spot for more or less 14 hours. Thank you to Pandora, 8 Disc Spanish CD set, and stitcher talk radio for making this possible....and Monster Energy.

So anyways, after 888 miles the second day, going about 700 the next day to Needles, CA, and 500 the following day was like chump change.

7 states, $208 in gas, 12 stops, and about 4 freeways the entire way (55, 44, 40, 5). A lovely trip indeed.

Here are some of my fav pictures from the trip:

Leaving Chicago

Central Illinois


Cross near Amarillo

Texas/New Mexico Sunset

New Mexico Sunrise

Mtns in Arizona:

New Mexico Pit stop (for pictures, of course)

Into California, already at least 4 hours in, near Bakersfield

Highway 5

The vehicle of choice, loaded up in Chicago.

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