Saturday, January 9, 2010


Loose itinerary of places I'll go in 2010:

Lima, Peru (Feb 8-10)
Fly to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (Carnival! Feb 11-18)
Fly to Sao Paulo, Brazil (Visit Thiago! Feb 18-22ish)
Fly Montevideo, Uruguay (Feb 22-26ish)
Boat to Buenos Aires, Argentina (Feb 27-Mar 4ish, Tango Festival, largest in Argentina!)
Bus to Mendoza, Argentina (March 4-8ish, Fiesta de Vendemia, best wine festival in Argentina all year!)
Bus to Santiago, Chile. Pass by Aconcagua in the Andes, highest point in the western hemisphere (7000 m)!
Stay in Santiago 3 weeks until teaching Orientation begins in Santiago March 28.
Fly to Easter Island (Sometime in March)
Fly to Patagonia (Sometime in March)
Machu Piccu, Peru -July 2 week break
Lake Titicacca, Peru - July 2 week break
Colca Canyon, Peru? - July 2 week break
Arequipa, Peru??? - July 2 week break
La Paz, Bolivia - July 2 week break
Sucre, Bolivia? - -July 2 week break

I'll be living with a family somewhere within 100 miles of Valparaiso, Chile, or Antofogasta, Chile from April-end of November, then back to CA in December.

Hoping to go to the Atacama desert at some point ,the driest place on the face of the earth. Who knows where else, the map is open.

If I have money and time before life resumes, 2011:
Fly to Bangkok, Thailand
Chiang Mai, Thailand
India! (hopefully 2-4 weeks)
Laos? Phillipines (Ron, I am going to visit your family some day!!!!)?
Afghanistan (just kidding)
Who knows, where ever I feel like it at the time.

Well now, that is quite a few places. Well, you only live once. Boo Yah.

You can see where the Valparaiso and Antofogasta areas are in the map below. Sticking to the mid & north, I'm done with cold climates! Chile is divided into 15 regions, sort of like states. Each region is divided into provinces, each headed by a governor appointed by the President. There are 53 provinces in Chile.

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