Friday, January 1, 2010

Almost 2010!

Well, sick on New Years. Bah Humbug.... that's ok, 2010 will be an epic year full of adventure, learning, difficulty, and fun! Estoy Emocionado!!!

Finally kicked off the process of telling some co-workers today about my plans & my imminent departure. Suprisingly, not actually an easy task for me, considering I actually like working at UL, and expected a decent amount(but not all) people to be a bit stunned and als think "WTF?"...Anyhow, I only told a few people today...started with the ones I figured would say 'congrats' or 'awesome' instead of 'why?', and it more or less went that way. Figured it'll just trickle it's way around to everyone within the next few weeks.

Finally got my Schwab checking Visa fully set up today. Hooray for no foreign exchange fees or ATM fees! Should save a chunk of change over the course of a year or so.

Suppose I'm a bit nervous about my stay in Rio. My Rotaract host hasn't responded to my emails/FB messages during December, so I'm not sure whats up with that. I looked up hostel prices if it comes to that for a week in Rio during Carnival, YIKES. Talk about price gouging, but hey, people will pay. I'd love to couchsurf, but seeing as lots of people leave Rio for Carnival, and with thousands or millions of people going there for that week, I'm not too sure that will pan out well. Guess if I have to buck up a few dollars for a pricey dorm room, I'll have go for it, I don't see myself heading to Rio anytime soon otherwise.

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