Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Everything is coming together now!

Well, got my yellow fever jab yesterday. Needed that for my Visa to get into Brazil, since I'll be coming from Peru. If I decided to go to Bolivia I would need it to get in there as well. Thinking of possibly going to La Paz & Macchu Piccu during the 2 week break in July. Well, that will be winter I guess, not too sure what the temps will be like at that point, so I'm keepin my options open.

Passport Health also recommended Typhoid, so I got some pills for that. I just need to take 4 doses over 8 days and then I'm immune. $255 for the consulation plus Yellow & Typhoid, woooooooo, what a deal!!!! Also, I'll probably get my 2nd shot of Hep A & also a tetanus next week just in case. Just need to do a bit of internet surfing on those first. Suprisingly, for Chile, you don't really need many if any vaccines. There's no risk of malaria or most of the other mosquito diseases there. I think it has alot to do with the climate. Peru, Bolivia, and parts of Brazil are very foresty so there is a greater risk. Chile has quite a few different climates from Antarctic to Mediterannean to Desert & Mountain. They also gave me a prescription for some diahrhea(sp?) medication, but hopefully I dont get the shits! If you have a few loose stools, you just take a few over a few days and you should be shittin bricks again! I think I'll just expect to feel like crap at least once or twice with all the different types of food I'll be trying.

Also, I finally got a host for my week in Rio during Carnival! Super excited. Rotaract coming through big time. I'll be staying with the VP of one of the Rio clubs and his family. They even offered to pick me up at the airport! We've been emailing back and forth and the guy seems really nice.

Hopefully, I'll be able to stay with my Dad's friends in Uruguay, and maybe one of my co-workers friend in Lima for 3 days. I'm also staying with another Rotaractor in Sao Paulo that lived in Chicago for a bit. It's starting to come together pretty well.

Started the removal of material items so that I can pack all my belongings in my car haha. Selling most of my furniture to China Dave for bargain basement prices, my bed to a coworker for a spare bedroom, sold my skateboard, my bike to a good friend, and....well thats about all I have. Oh, one of my friends is taking most of my framed art as well.

Oh, and today at work it was announced in my section meeting that my last day is the 15th. The cat's outta the bag! Everyone seems to be pretty nice & respectful, even if they think I'm a doofus for doin what I'm doin anyways, ha.


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  2. Good luck with this little adventure, Nick. Sounds like this will be a year to remember. I may, occassionally, miss some of your left-coast antics here at UL!

  3. Thanks Gates! Way to fess up, you'll need to find a replacement to bug the crap out of you.


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