Friday, April 20, 2012

WWI Trenches

 These are some of the last remaining trenches from WWI in Belgium, just outside a town called Diksmuide. The trench was nicknamed 'Trench of Death' even during the war by the soldiers themselves. Here the Belgian army tried for several years, starting in 1915, to stop the Germans as they advanced toward France. The Belgians were surrounded on three sides, and had the idea to dig a trench northwards, excavating about 6 meters per day. The Germans actually thought the same, and dug southwards, until the two armies were only several meters apart. Rifles, cannons, grenades, knives, and mustard gas were used.
The trenches are located on the left bank of the river.

The fighting trench is on the right. The evacuation on the left.

Pistol, and excavating shovel.

I will make a wager that they weren't so cheery at that time.

This was the supply trench and evacuation trench. Nice and straight.
They used to be sand bags/mud etc, but now they are bags filled with cement.

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