Thursday, April 12, 2012

Operation Gent

My buddy Lautaro visited this past weekend with his girlfriend Eva, in what we call Operation Payback-Payback. Meaning, first I crashed at his placed several times in Buenos Aires. Then, he initiated Operation Payback by crashing on my couch in Edinburgh. Then, I paid that back by staying at their place in Vienna. Then we had a neutral meeting in Cologne. Now he paid back my pay back by crashing on my floor in Gent. I will pay back the payback-payback next week in Luxemburg. Complicated and nerdy, all while perfecting our traveling bum skills at the same time. Don't mind if I do.
Stupid pose in Gent city center.

Lau, their Chinese friend, and Evi at the castle in Gent.

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  1. This is great operation payback-payback. Haha, anyway I do like your post here. Looking forward to visit again Luxemburg.


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