Monday, December 19, 2011

The Hugo

Frituurs (French fry stands) in Belgium are generally filled with heart attack inducing mystery foods. The Hugo might just be the epiphany of junk food. Dennis, Netsanet, & I purchased burgers and split a Hugo between the three of us. We were easily defeated by Sir Hugo. Fries topped with mayonnaise, fried sausage chunks, cripsy fried onions, a brown sauce, and god knows what else.

The first step in eating a Hugo is to push aside all your morals, ethics, and any previous concern for the welfare of your body. Then, after tasting it, you can actually say "Wow, although it looks like crap, the taste is surprisingly decent!"  After that, you must give your arteries at least a 1 year vacation from further Hugo consumption.

Maybe The Hugo is Belgium's attempt to match Scotland for food inferiority?
The Hugo - Junk food pinnacle.

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