Friday, December 2, 2011

Belgian Cuisine

Once you get past all the french fry stands and student cafeterias, Belgian/Flemish food is pretty simple and sturdy, while still managing to be quite delicious at times. Nothing too crazy or scintillating, but definitely in my opinion a step above the comfort food capitals of Scotland and Sweden.
Mystery foods at a frituur (french fry place). It's like one big science experiment. Barf.

Gent Waffle.

Probably made by Kraft, but hey, it's a funny name for a candy bar (I don't think it would fly in the US)

Ah, a brown beer, fries with stew sauce, and a pincha (belgian code word for Jupiler).

Stewed escargot with some spices in Oostend.

Gent escargot. Defintely chewy in comparison to the French escargot.

A Oostende waffle with speculoos sauce. Yum.

En klein frite met andalus saus. The most famous thing outside the beer and waffles.

There aren't many fresh food markets, but Belgians do seem to avoid the preservative loaded sliced breads, even at the supermarket.

Gentse Stoverij. Steak stewed with brown beer and spices. Best dish in Gent.

Peter enjoys a Gent dish, Gentse waterzooi, a creamy chicken & carrot/celery soup dish

A Brugge waffle. Much softer and preferable to the Gent waffle imo.

It is now pumpkin season, time for pumpkin soup!

My favorite bakery in Gent

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