Sunday, December 4, 2011

Hooray for Stupidity!

Clearly, these guys are not accustomed to exercising their brain power in rationale ways, and neither are the people who are subjecting them to this. I saw them around lunch time the first time while bicycling to the city center. They were in droopy bed-sheet sized diapers and there was an ineffable stench eminating even as they were on the sidewalk and I was bicycling by in the street. Later that afternoon, I passed them again at another location in the city. This time, on the sidewalk kneeling on the ground with some bros standing in front them pondering like Pinky and the Brain what to do to them with a big grocery cart full of beer. Then, that evening, the pinnacle of stupidity:

Good to know that there are people of equal stupidity elsewhere in the world to match the morons in some fraternities and sororities in the US that do similar things. Hooray!

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