Friday, June 24, 2011

Vilnius Constitution

Here is the 'constitution' of a particular neighborhood in Vilnius (Lithuania). The neighborhood is called Užupis.

Now I can stand behind most of these amendments. A solid constitution if you will. Obviously the constitution and the neighborhood have no actual authority, but still the inhabitants have created a culture within the neighborhood that proliferates the values. Once a year, they have fake passport checks on one of the bridges entering the neighborhood and stamp people’s passports. It seemed a bit similar to the ‘free area’ Christiania in Copenhagen, with some similarities to the mission district and wicker park in that it houses many artists. They have also created an 'army' of 12 individuals, and declared themselves to be independent from Lithuania on April fools day in 1997.

Oh, and they consider Jesus to be the world’s first backpacker! They have erected a statue of backpacker Jesus in the neighborhood. Hahahaha……..

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