Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Lund University LTH V-Building, where one becomes a jedi master in fire:

Fire suits, or astronauts in training?

Ah, boiled potatoes, lingonberry, meatballs, brown sauce, the essence of hearty Swedish foods:

Dennis, proud of his little fire experiment:

With the president of Lund University:

Ninja like concentration is necessary to study fire:

Never too cold for a barbecue (Boras, Sweden):

Robert organizing a great field trip. Here learning about fire doors:

Marta & The Mustaches present about risk assessment:

Group lunches in V building:
Prof Henrik & Marcus, displaying pure joy in anticipation of correcting 20 risk assessment exams:

The preferred method of travel around Lund:

Getting a feel for people density in human behaviour. Otherwise known as a good reason for spontaneous dance party:

Here we have unequivocal, scientific proof that wearing a tie in Sweden does not make you any smarter or better than your neighbor:

!Caught on Camera: Intense learning!

Class trip to SP fire in Boras, Sweden:

The class with our fearless teacher, Daniel Nilsson:
Birthday celebrations on an international level:

The beautiful Lund cathedral:

Minutes, wait.... possibly seconds, after completing the last exam of the semester, smiles and drinks:

Student absorptivity=1, unfortunately, teacher emissivity here approaching zero.

Marta secretly places the cameras for the evacuation experiment:

So, after all these years, this is what the promised land looks like:

A quick bike ride only 5 minutes outside Lund:

A winter Siberia could sympathize with:

And finally, the amazing graduation garbs:


  1. Hi,
    "wearing a tie in Sweden does not make you any smarter or better than your neighbor" :))) That was good!
    Congrats for your blog. I enjoy it :)

  2. Hello Nick :)
    I'm applying for IMFSE this year. Hope could get the scholarship and have wonderful journey as yours!

    1. Hello Nick & Nini,

      I too trying to get admission in IMFSE for september 13 session. Hope will see each other.

      And Nick could you please share your experience about the universities and scholarship.


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