Monday, December 20, 2010


Some photos from a York. A great, small city in England filled with wonderfully preserved history from many, many eras. Had a fantastic time staying with Yvonne and Ian.

The Minster. Largest gothic cathedral in Northern Europe:

Met up with old friend Johan from Sweden. Walking along the old Roman walls that circle the city:

World War II Museum

Devil from the 16th century on the former printers & book shop row.

The Shambles. Overhanging timber buildings, some dating to the 14th century. Shambles is an old world reference to what used to be a slaughterhouse or meatmarket.

Hangin with my friend Constantine. I found it really interesting that not only was Constantine declared emperor of the Roman empire in York (the very far reaches of the empire at the time), but there he made Christianity the official language of the empire, undoubtedly changing the course of history.

Yvonne pointed these out to me. The gold plaque at the top of the building indicates that the owner had paid some dues to the fire service and wished them to put one out in the event one should occur in their building.

Part of the Roman walls, Multiangular Tower, I believe. Early 3rd century:

Ruins of St. Marys Abbey, 11th Century:

Some houses on the outskirts:

Which candies to choose?

Community Garden:

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