Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The Life of The Student (IMFSE) Semester 1!

From the life of a project engineer to the life of leisure to the life of a IMFSE student! A small pictorial summary of the goings on this semester (which was not sooooo leisurely):

In all it's glory!

The group:

Snowball fight!

Chocolate muffins give you super thinking power. So do Mars bars (try at least 3 a week!). Deep Fried Mars Bar anyone? The great thing about being a student again: You can have ridiculous facial hair and don't have to meet company codes!

Studying hard in the lecture hall for Philosophy of Structures Tutorial Session:

Me, Hooi, Claudia on our way to class:

Professor Rotter, the world's Shell Structure expert! (And quite an entertaining teacher).

Preparations for the queen and Papal visit to Edinburgh:

Side trip to Pitlochry for some Highland Games:

Scotland vs. New Zealand Rugby game. With our super Scottish landlord George, Eduardo, and visiting friends.

Many a full scottish breakfasts were consumed:

Becoming a professional fiddler instantly at FiddleFest 2010:

Brecht, Karliss & Eduardo at a pub!

The fire research facilities:

With Netsanet & Woody, fire dynamics tutor, PHD candidate. Many a nice discussions on fire were had. Thanks Woody!

The happiest Ethiopian guy in the world! Netsanet enjoys his first snow ever!

Picnic on Arthurs Seat:

Me at my favorite Scottish dance, the Celidh! (Not the guy in the Kilt!)

Studying hard, or hardly studying? I think studying hard. Finite Element Method.

Climbing Arthurs Seat with Brecht before classes began:

Lothian Buses:

Local Pub, John Leslies:

Can you see me?

You get $100 if you can name this guy (and you don't live in Edinburgh!)

Foods for our international foods party:


  1. Great Blog...what about the enormous ammount of work you had to do in Fire science and Fire Dynamics? No complaints! I am shocked...I was hoping for something juicy....Jose

  2. Well, now that you ask Jose, I guess I'll have to unleash the hidden fury of FSFD complaints! Just kidding, really enjoyed the class! Looking forward to more in Lund!


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