Saturday, December 11, 2010


'Tis the eve of the my final day here in Edinburgh. I suppose I don't have anything miraculously scintillating or enlightening to culminate the last 3-4 months, so I'll spare everyone from the minutia of my miscellaneous musings. Give me a few train rides on the way down to London and I'll produce some laureate quality exposition later this week that even Stevenson would be proud of (not to mention SW Scott)

Last day spent with George making Eduardo & I a full Scottish breakfast (egg, black pudding, lorne sausage, and regular sausage topped with a suitable amount of HP sauce), lunch at UK fast food monopoly Gregg's for a bargain basement sausage roll and 'holiday bake'(rolled in light, crispy, golden puff pastry bread), then George insisting on a fine dinner at a Chinese restaurant followed by a 'pint of heavy' (which is not really so heavy in fact) at the local pub John Leslies.

Onwards by train tomorrow to Hull. I have no clue what is there, but an old coworker will be there so I thought it would be nice to meet up since I won't be making it back to Chicago very soon. Then, York for a bit, maybe Leeds, about 5 days in London, and flight back on the 22nd.

Oh, the blog title refers to the extent of my Harry Potter knowledge gleaned from 3 months here. I did, however, manage to check out the graveyard where the author took lots of the funny names from in the book, as well as the cafe where she wrote the majority of the first book.

See everyone in less than a fortnight!

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