Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Scottish English Translator #1

Common Phrases I have been hearing:

Bucket day = Garbage day
Neeps = Turnips
Tatties = Potatoes
Fortnight = 2 weeks
Turn up at 1pm = Show up/arrive at 1pm
Takeaway = Take Out (food).
Brilliant = Hear this a lot instead of 'great' or 'cool' or something.
Wee = Little
Cheers = Hello, Thanks, Ok, Cheers, and anything you really want it to mean

Origin of the word 'shitfaced' (according to the Scots). In the middle ages on the high rises the people just used to toss their feces out the window as they had no plumbing, and would shout out to warn people. As their was constantly shit being tossed out the window, they decided to say you could throw your crap out the window at 10am and 10pm only, to minimize the chaos of the feces throwing. Well, 10pm was the time at which drunk people were walking home. Coincidentally, lots of these drunk people got hit in the face by shit.

Also, in fact, basically nobody speaks Gaelic here. But that is because the language never really spread to the South East of Scotland, where Edinburgh is. It came over from Ireland and all of the remaining speakers are mainly concentrated in close proximity to Northern Ireland as well as in the Highlands. Recently read an article here stating that there are officially 2 primary schools (very small schools, at that) teaching Gaelic as a first language and English as a second. Irregardless, you'd be hard pressed to find anyone who can speak Gaelic in Scotland except in a some small communities here and there. The names of the train stations are written in Gaelic and English, but that appears to be more of a symbolic gesture than anything else.

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