Monday, October 4, 2010

Hooray for Something Tangible

My first part I created in my Finite Element Analysis Class:

It looks great, but it's fairly worthless, and took the better part of a week to create (mainly though figuring out how to use the computer program adequately and actually trying to understand what I was doing and what is going on with all those colors and how it is all calculated...). Think of the image to be a representation of a ruler in which you held the left side steady, and pushed down on the right hand side so that the ruler bent. All the colors are different levels of stress. Red is a high stress area, blue is a low stress area. FUN.

Something that might actually be applicable for fire safety is if I created a wall or something like a column in a building, and used the program to show the stresses after it was heated because of a fire.

Later when I create something more real that might mean something, I'll put it up. Might be a few months.

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