Sunday, December 30, 2012


After nearly 4 months in the pot, here is the bounty from about 5 spuds planted from a grab bag of mixed fingerlings that had been sitting around. Not too bad. The greens and leaves hadn't really completely wilted or died as most literature I read said should happen when they are ready to harvest. Though as Ozzie the dog began to enjoy snacking on the green tops, and with all the rain in December, the pot was eternally waterlogged, so it seemed like a good guess to pull them up. Next time I'll use one a potato bags (that Theresa gifted me for X-mas!), so I can keep layering the soil higher and higher to get more potatoes.

Someone gave me a massive evecherria succulent off of freecycle a few months back that was in bad shape. I cut off all the thingers and replanted them in a few pots/boxes, and they are now exploding:
Ozzie the potato top eater.

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