Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Thai Markets

Anyone who has spent a minute or two with me while traveling knows one thing: I love markets. I'm drawn to them like a magnet. Chiang Mai and the surrounding region, in northern Thailand, has some of the best food markets I've ever been to. They are great not only for their wide variety of known and unknown foods, but they feel lively, are generally tented or partly covered (and it feels like the motorcycles are nearly part of the market), and oftentimes dingy. God knows what half of the stuff is. But mostly succulents.

The first few are of a market in central Chiang Mai:
Nuts, beans and mysterious dried fruits.

Malaysisa is the real place to get durians, but you can still get the putrid stuff in Thailand
Bok Choy?

You sure have your choice in rice type
 This was a busy market a ways out of town that Dennis & I spotted while driving back on our moto. Everything was served in plastic baggies (soups included). We definitely didn't look the part here, but it was a zillion times more local than the one in central chiang mai. We picked up some soups in baggies, and spent five minutes asking around to buy some bowls and spoons (which no one had because they were all taking their food home). We found a table outside a residence a few blocks down to chow down.

For desert we bought some roti from this lady. This roti was filled with bananas and condensed milk.
Bagged soups.
This is a market near the Chiang Mai University that Brian took us to. Also filled with tons of great stuff and unknowns:

Brian scoping out one of his favorites....a Chiang Mai special to bring back to a friend Bangkok
Fruits and motos.

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