Saturday, November 10, 2012

Moto Times

Zipping through the rural mountains in northern Thailand around Chiang Mai on the back of a tiny motorcycle was one of the funnest parts of the trip through southeast asia. Luckily, Dennis was pretty good at driving the thing. His confidence grew by the hour, as so did my nervousness as my ass hung half off the back of the bike. Pretty soon he was driving like a local, zipping through cars, and using the shoulder (aka madman style). The great thing about being on a bike is that we could easily go where we wanted, making plenty of stops when just about anything caught our eye.

View of Chiang Mai during a pit stop up a nearby mountain

Temple pit stop

Pit stop to snack on some rambutans

Pulled over at this isolated roadside shack for some iced coffee.

Time to walk it.

Letting the bike cool down. The mountains were a little too much for Mr. Engine

Leaving Chiang Mai

Stopping for gas

Swerdlow showing us around on the first day

Stopping at a night market for what else, more rambutans.

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