Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Delirium Tremens Brewery

Delirium recently had an open visit day to celebrate a renovated brewery. Located in the village of Melle, it is only about 10 km from Gent, and easy bicycle ride. I went with Feng, Hernan, and three couchsurfers, only one of which (our guide) was Belgian.

The tour surpassed my expectations. Compared to a tour of the Guinness factory, where you don't see even an inch of the brewing floor and the highlight is the view on the top of the brewery, here we were walked throughout all of the facilities, both new and old, while still learning about the breweries history. Now that's what I expect from a brewing tour in a beer loving country. At the end of the tour they had a giant festival hall where everyone got a complimentary beer of choice, accompanied by music. And they never forgot to barrage you with pink elephants the entire way.

Many varieties of Delrium

Parts of the old brewery

This is a filter for the mash

Tanks for storing and aging the beer.

The bottling line

Our walk down the pink carpet to the festival hall

With Feng + Lithuanian couchsurfer.
The old bar at the brwery. I guess they have xpanded a bit.

My banana beer 'mongozo' was disgusting. The tried and true regular delirium is where it is at.

Nice bicycle ride back

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