Saturday, May 19, 2012

-394.6 meters

This is the elevation of the dead sea, below sea level.... the lowest point in the world! It is also nearly the saltiest body of water in the world. Please refrain from entering such saltiness with any cuts.

They say that you have a lower risk of a sunburn here, as there is more ozone for the sunlight to penetrate before it hits you. I still got a nice burn. Too gringo for a tan even at the dead sea.

Swimming in the dead sea is another challenge. For starters, don't try. Just let it take you away, relax, and float it out. Taking a nap in the sea is entirely feasible; I closed my eyes for 5 or 10 minutes while lying on my back, using my hands as a pillow, for a little afternoon shuteye, no problems. And super fun. It's recommended to avoid getting any water in your mouth.

So much salt certainly feels funny after leaving the water, like a thin residue all over your body. I had salt in my hair and behind my ears for at least 3 days after that. I opted for the mud bath as well. Apparently, there are some vitamins in this mud that are supposed to be therapeutic in some way. Or good for you skin. Not that I feel like a million bucks now or anything. But it was fun having all that mud get all dried out and crackly in the sun before taking another floater in the sea.

The area surround the dead sea is simply gorgeous (not to mention being chock full of biblical sites). Huge mountains, rocks coming straight up at some points. The dead sea is shared with Israel, so when on the Jordanian side, you can give a neighborly wave.

This is what they call SPF 1000

This guy is really taking it in


.Dead sea chairs

Not the sandiest of beaches in the world


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  2. Great to read your article. It is quite interesting and informative. I never been there at dead sea. But I am afraid its dangerous to swim there may be someone don't remember any small cuts on body. Anyways I hope you had great time there.


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