Friday, October 7, 2011

Spanish Food Coma

One can't go to Spain, and particularly the southern coast, and not try as many tapas as possible. It is simply and explosion of tastes in every dish. And when you go to the right ones, the ingredients are meticulously selected, and the menu incredibly varied over the food spectrum. Luckily, a funny Spanish guy working at the hostel, and food nut himself (he's Spanish...could be in his blood :) ), took us to one of his favorite local tapas restaurant for a proper deliciousness to price ratio, tucked nicely away from the more touristy tapas places.

While I couldn't try EVERYTHING as I would have preferred, my favorites remain the classic patatas bravas, Gambas (big ass shrimp!), and squid in whatever amazing sauce they serve it in. But, the type and variety of tapas in Spain is simply too narrow and restricting to reduce it to such a small list. Guess I gotta go back and try more!

These are probably the tastiest potatoes I have ever had my entire life. The sauce is a dream. I think I had to take oxygen breaks eating this:


  1. Definitely agree with you on the patatas. They're awesome :) I spend my time between Bangkok, Thailand and Spain and I miss, miss, miss the tapas when I'm away.

    Nice blog, btw.


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