Thursday, October 13, 2011

Belgian Hazing

The Belgians like to haze new students in their social clubs (which are similar to fraternities as I understand but not really) and from my outside perspective society seems to accept it as perfectly normal. It is a common occurrence these days to bicycle down the main student street in the city(which is also a fairly decent auto artery through the city) and see random acts of hazing. People painting each other, people offering strangers to pay 50 cents or a euro to smash an egg onto their head, and even the following gem. Let's just say these knuckleheads are lined up in diapers and white t-shirts, on their knees on the edge of the sidewalk, with a beer in front of them. Then someone tells them to chug the beer and when they finish they have to place the empty can on their head. I guess being subjected to public humiliation makes you cooler? Like I said, knuckleheads. The entertainment value, however, is an added bonus on the way to class.

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