Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The tailors of Istanbul & Ethiopia

I got a hole in my jeans in Istanbul, and needless to say, I didn't feel like purchasing a new pair as I have a few in storage in the Netherlands.

That kicked off a great 30 minute hunt through the old bazaar in Istanbul to find a tailor. After visiting several wedding shops and getting turned down, we were lead (after asking 5 or 6 people) through some narrow side street clothes stalls and then through some even narrower shops, to a passageway leading to a stairwell, up 3 or 4 narrow anonymous flights of stairs, and a to a small corner shop with a tailor. 5 minutes and 1 dollar later, brand new jeans!

I got another hole in my jeans in Ethiopia. Being a bum, I fixed them again. for 5 cents!

Ethiopian tailor in a muddy, outdoor market, fixing it on the spot:

Looking for a tailor in Istanbul:

Modelling my Turkish replacement pants:

On the job:

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