Friday, September 30, 2011

My Friend Istanbul

“My friend, how are you?” “My friend, how was your day?” “My friend, can I offer you some shisha?” “My friend, good morning!” "My friend, what time is it?"

I guess you are everyone’s friend in Turkey!

After a week it subconsciously caught on with me: “My friend! I am good” “My friend, two dolmas please!” “My friend, will Kobe Bryant play in Istanbul?” “My friend, 14 too much for this, give me two for 13, final offer.”

My friends aside, the energy and life in Istanbul is amazing like nowhere else. It feels like there is a buzz in every nook and cranny of the city, day and night. Sellers in the bazaars, fishermen going for a catch, old men sitting on stools chatting, drinking tea, and playing backgammon, someone welding, weaving, selling, or cooking something just about anywhere you look, music playing on a busy, lit up Istiklal street at night....the list goes on.

You’d need months to get to explore this massive city properly. Felt like I barely touched it, making it to the massive Asian side of the city only once.

Quite possibly my favorite city.

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