Sunday, August 7, 2011

The Ultimate Food Compliation

I've had a lot of amazing food over the last few months. Hands down Turkish food wins with the widest variety and richest of food flavors, smells, and ingredients, and spices, but nonetheless every place had some pretty good stuff in one form or another (haven't made it to Ethiopia, which may just take the crown...if I escape with my internals intact).

Delicious pistachio baklava. So rich and sweet tasting:
Love dolmas:
I forget what this is called, but it was filled with some ground meat and pretty good:

The corn carts of Istanbul selling grilled and boiled corn (loaded up with salt):
Pottery kebap in Cappadocia, Turkey. They cook it in sealed clay pots and break it after. Very stew like with lots of onions, tomatoes, spices, and small chunks of shredded meat:

A cappy orange soda and the salty yogurt drink which I really don't like:

Well it's not food but definitely a part of Turkish culture and accompanies tea and snacks likes dates and fruits quite well. Cappuccino flavored was the best:

Purchasing a nice kofte sandwich from a cart in Istanbul:
One of the best dishes of my entire life in Istanbul. Literally. Something similar to baba ganoush. Mashed eggplant which was so incredibly rich with flavor that the small amount served was just perfect. And the meat was simply perfect. Only 10 bucks for this plate.

Spice Market, Istanbul:

Sesame seed pretzels in Istanbul:

Kofte sandwich. $2. Stuffed also with paprika, chili, tomatoes, onions. Yum.

Nut assortment and tea seasonings, Istanbul:
Really really love Turkish tea:

Figs from the backyard and marinated in some thick sweet sauce, Nis, Serbia:

A trip to Serbia would not be complete with some home made Rakia for breakfast (50% alcohol!), that puts some hair on your chest!

Fish market for fish sandwiches, Istanbul:

Serbian grillables:

Cream and a cream stuffed sweet yellow pepper (Nis, Serbia):

Going to the butcher in Nis, Serbia

Cevap in Belgrade (meat, some carbs, and a sliver of onion)

Fried and super salted anchovies, good with beer (Bulgaria & Serbia):

Cevap Sarajevo. Kebap. Macedonia. Again, they know how to cook this stuff perfectly.

Freshly boiled milk in Slovenia:

Seafood platter on Slovenian mediterannean:

Tender chicken wrapped in bacon in Bulgaria. A bit of an overload but damn was it good(the bacon wasn't covering up poor performing chicken either, it was simply an excessively delicious complement):

Polish pierogis from Warsaw!

Polish bigos, stewed meat, sauerkraut, potatoes:

Dad enjoying some German beer in Berlin:

Currywurst (somewhere underneath the fries):

Lastly, delicious summer fruits everywhere:

Notables without photos are spectacular Sri Lankan, Egyptian, and Pakistani food in Qatar.

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