Friday, August 5, 2011

Little Things

Sometimes I really like little experiences in foreign countries.

For example, today, my friend Waseem (from Bradley) and I drove out into the Qatari desert on the Persian gulf. It was a cool 118 degrees. I think it was a bit hard on the car.

Because on the way back we stopped to meet a friend, and then after the car wouldn't start.

That night, Waseem's co-worker, from India, drove us back to pick up the car. We picked up a mechanic (I guess you couldn't find a mechanic in the US working at 10pm on a Friday), and drove him to the car. The mechanic was from Bangladesh. The Indian guy explained that he was talking to the mechanic in Hindi, though his native language is Tamil, and Hindi is the second language for the Bangladesh guy. Then, Waseem is Sri Lankan, so all the while he is talking to someone on the phone in one of his native languages Sinhalese. Meanwhile I sit like a doofus in the back seat watching these guys communicate about car batteries in English, Hindi, and Tamil. I found it quite comical yet all the while unique and interesting.

Later, something really aggravated me. Waseem took his car to a car wash. Which here is driving into a covered area where like 10 Indian guys in blue auto jumpsuits come out and clean the heck out of your car, power wash it, and soap it down, and clean the interior. Then, while his car is getting washed, a Bentley drives into this crappy car wash. This is a car that starts at $200,000 and goes up to half a million. And this dude is getting a 7 dollar power car wash next to some beat up Toyota trucks. Now, my gripe is, if you are gonna blow that much money on a silly car, please treat it nicely and get a better wash than getting the paint demolished by this power wash.

Finally, a nice sign outside a mall here, follow Qatari traditions:

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