Sunday, April 3, 2011

Jakriborg, Sweden

Recently I took a small bicycle trip outside of Lund to one of the neighboring cities (village would be a more appropriate word). Once you hit the outskirts of town, everything changes rapidly to farmland. There are small towns in all directions from Lund, so many bicycle trips are possible. The great thing is that even once you leave town, there are bicycle paths along the highway and through the farm areas.

This trip I decided to go to Jakriborg. Jakriborg in fact was only created in the 90s, and by no means can be considered a typical small Swedish town. Two brothers created it based on their vision of what a city should be like. No cars allowed, no motorcycles, just bicycles and walking. Of course, it is small enough to walk from one end to another in 10 minutes or less, so it isn't much of a problem. It is surrounded by wall on one side, and farms on the other. A very strange place indeed.

No cars or motorcycles:

Main Plaza:

City wall:

Just outside Lund:

A park just before leaving Lund:

Leaving Lund:

This is what happens when someones bicycle breaks:

A random bench with a view of farms on either side, odd location:

Exiting the city of Hjarup:

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