Sunday, January 9, 2011


My 4 hours in Reykjavik city was hardly anything, but better than nothing.

I was only in the city from about 7am-11am.

It was cold.

There was not much light until about 10am. Still, when light came, I never saw even a silouette of the sun itself.

The thing that surprised me the most was the Christmas lights. Not just in the downtown. In residential neighborhoods and apartment buildings as well. Lights in everyones houses. On their bushes. In their windows and roofs. On the street lamps. Lots and lots of menorahs (I think they were menorahs....but wikipedia tells me there aren't many Jewish people in Iceland..) Lots of wreaths. Lots of candles. Very pretty and colorful.

They speak Icelandic. It is supposedly one of the most related languages to that that the vikings spoke.

The landscape was pretty volcanic and rocky looking outside the city. Maybe because it was the middle of winter. There are mountains in the distance in most directions inland.

Icelandic street name:

A main street downtown in the morning:

Main Cathedral in the center:

Still not sure if these 7 pronged lights are menorahs, but they were everywhere:

The sun taking quite some time to rise:

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