Saturday, September 25, 2010

Foods in Scotland, Part 2

...and it continues...

-The scotch pie. Actually, it is just referred to simply as a 'pie' here. As in 'Hey Jimbo, let's go grab a pie for lunch.' Commonly bought at your local pie shop (which is basically a bakery). Filled with minced meat. Personally, not bad. Not the greatest thing in the world, though. Comfort food.

-Steak Pie with Chips. Just cut up pieces of beef, in some amazing sauce, really really tender as well. The most delicious thing I have eaten here so far. I'm not a big fan of fries, but they tasted better when dipped in the sauce from the meat.

I elected not to purchase them out of fear for my well being, but indeed it is hot dogs in a can:

Walkers Chips. Prawn Cocktail. Roasted Chicken. Worcester Sauce. English Roast Beef. The list goes on. I tried the prawn one, Worcester sauce, and chicken ones, and they were all way too strong tasting (and in a bad way as well). I don't really want to eat chicken chicken, I want to eat potato chips.

Fish and Chips. Not sure why the are so popular in the UK, but I won't be buying them very often if at all. Large chunk of white fish deep fried. Nothing too special about that.

Scotch Egg. Admittedly, these are ok. By ok, I mean I might buy another one sometime before I leave, just for the heck of it. You can eat them hot or cold. I bought them at the supermarket. It is a hard boiled egg, wrapped in sausage, breaded, then deep fried. I could never think of that combination on my own. I might even try to experiment and make some on my own.

Beef Burger. This was a burger, breaded, and deep fried. Of course, it was served with chips. I loaded the chips up with brown sauce. Admittedly, it was edible. Bought at a chip shop. I guess a chip shop might be considered fast food.

This is just a sausage (can you see it in there?!?!?!). Covered in cheese. Again, loaded up with chips. Actually, this was Eduardo's. I can not attest to the taste of this dish, but I am sure the picture may serve justice:

Really enjoying the culinary experience that is the UK, nonetheless. Trying to keep my arteries unclogged at the same time. Stay tuned for more food blogs, there are certainly a lot of unknown delicacies remaining to eat here...


  1. An "upcoming" article on "visits to supermarkets" says you started going to Tesco's, but then two of the photo illustrations were of Sainsburys brand which supermarket are you really shopping at- Tesco's or Sainsburys?

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