Wednesday, September 1, 2010

How to Milk a Goat for Dummies

Step by Step Instructions on a very important life skill:

1) Take goat out of pen.

Goats are happy go lucky in the pen with their dog buddy:

2) Bring goat onto stool per training routine.

2) Put goat's head into wooden head lock thing.

4) Fill bowl with goat food, brush, edible debris.

5) Sanitize the stainless steel pan into which goat milk will go.

Goat is ready to be milked:

6) Put icky grease butter on hands

7) Begin milking goat with one of a few pre-approved techniques.

8) Hope goat doesn't kick or smash the bowl over.

9) Finish the job until no more milk comes out.

Goat milking like it's my job:

Learning from a pro:

10) Repeat steps 1-9. Enjoy the fruits of your labor by drinking a nice glass of natural, delicious, goat milk.

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