Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Ultimo Blog

So, this is the final blog entry I'll write in South America. Wow!

What better place to write it than Rio de Janeiro. I've spent nearly 3 weeks in this beautiful city. The blue waters, sandy white beaches, and towering tree covered rock formations never get tiring to look at. The perfect & endless 80 degree mid winter weather is simply a paradise. Plus, I am with Brian and his family...they have been like a second family here, and I have shared some of the best and most unique experiences of my trip with.

Of course, there will be more blog entries in the future. A few from other places in Brazil the past few weeks. Then, some from home. Then, I suppose, the blog can continue as I go to Edinburgh for a semester, Sweden for a semester, and then Belgium for one or two semesters. Whilst studying intensely, I am sure I will manage to go to many places.

From Edinburgh (this is me looking at a map here), I'd love to go to London at least a few times, Northern Ireland, Scottish Countryside, Glasgow, Manchester...from Sweden maybe Copenhagen, Norway, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Poland..from Belgium to France,Amsterdam & Netherlands... and who knows where else...Just ideas that make the next two years a very exciting prospect.

But I can honestly say I've enjoyed every second of the last 5 months. It was worth it to the nth degree. Met so many amazing people with unlimited generosity from every country I visited, lots whom I may now call friends & hope to see again. Saw many many places, from big metropolises to remote islands to tiny villages. Learned many new things...not just how to speak Spanish and some Portuguese, or how to travel alone (you're never really alone is the answer to that question, everyone should try it), or how to grow a Robinson Crusoe beard, but many other intangible things that I probably can't put in to words. Hands down, this is attributed to the people I met, in the different places I went.

Without a doubt, I'd do it over again.

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