Thursday, June 24, 2010

Brazil by Bus

I wanted to post some pictures of my two bus rides in Brazil. One was from Foz do Iguacu, in southeast Brazil, to Brasilia, in central Brazil (27 hours). The second was from Brasilia to Salvador, in northeast Brazil (24 hours). The scenery was really impressive all the way. Busses are the best way to go to really see the country.


The bus to Brasilia:

Early on in the bus ride:

Still Early:

Stopping for construction long enough to stretch my legs (day 2):

Passing through the city of Goiania:

Stopped at Churrascaria's for both dinners (but I brought my food):

Sunset night 2 (close to Brasilia):


Beautiful beginning to bus ride 2:

A large valley is turning into a Savannah outside of Brasilia:

Very savannah like:

Turning into more of a jungle/palmtree forest, with some small lakes:

Flattened out with mountains in the distance:

Imnpressive rock formations start:

More Rocks/forest. This area is a national park somewhere within 6 hours of Salvador:

Flattens back out with new mountains:

I threw this in here because the clouds are really cool looking:

Turned back into forest outside of Salvador (still inland but approaching the coast):

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  1. You'd love the way to Chapada place.
    And also to the south of the country.


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