Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Esteros del Ibera, Argentina

Here are my photos from my visit to Esteros del Ibera, a marshland reserve in northern Argentina, which I visited a few weeks ago (losing track of time). It is comparable to the Pantanal in Brazil, with one of the worlds most diverse range of animals & birds. Mostly saw birds (there are over 300 types here), plus plenty of capybaras (worlds largest rodent), alligators, and a small cat. There are also monkeys, different types of deer, and much more.

Waiting for the bus to come at 3AM to go back to Mercedes:

This guy is full on gaucho. Hat, knife, pants, shirt, belt, boots:

The 3 hour ride there from Mercedes is on such a crappy road he had to tighten the lugnuts halfway through. This is the crappiest bus I have taken.

Might as well have been camping at this hostel, talk about basic services:

This bird saves energy by riding on the capybara, while eating insects off its back:

Took a boat ride through the marsh:

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