Saturday, February 4, 2012

And so it goes...

 It's always tough to see good friends leave. Especially in this international program, you spend so much time with people in what feels like such a short time; countless of hours over classes, studying, dinners, drinks, etc; become good friends, then time seems to expire and people must go their different ways. Such a mix of different people coming together quite closely probably wouldn't be so possible in many other ways except an Erasmus program like this. Today, Netsanet had to leave for Edinburgh. Dennis and Mark left a few weeks back also to Edinburgh. Laura is leaving to Germany. Andrej was here for a few weeks and now moved back to Lund. And while it is a bit sad to see everyone go, especially after spending one to one and a half years with each, I know that I'll see them again, hopefully in Costa Rica, Canada, Germany, Ethiopia, Slovenia, etc... (and at the very least, for graduation). In any case, I look forward to new experiences and better friendships with all the fire students, oceanography students, and others who are staying in Gent.
Me, Andrej, Brecht, and Mark on the Slovenian coast.

Hands down, challenger for photo of the year. Funny Germans. Laura & Monika.
Some coffee with Nets this summer in Addis Ababa

Well, my beard is hilariously huge. Mark, Helene, Hernan, Dennis, Rita.
Purchasing Beer Belgian style with Dennis.

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