Monday, November 21, 2011

Belgian Thanksgiving!

Mark & I wanted to celebrate Thanksgiving this year, Canadian and American style. So last night, we hosted a dinner to show everyone what it was all about. Without no ovens to cook in, and things like turkey, pumpkin pie, and cranberries pretty difficult to locate here in Belgium, the traditional idea was tossed out the door. So we decided to have one big potluck amongst all the international students in our fire program and also in our residence. The variety of food people cooked was pretty unbelievable, and rightly so I left stuffed, along with everyone else. We had food made from at least Colombia, Iran, US, Canada, France, Brazil, Spain, Serbia, Belgium, Germany, Netherlands, Portugal, and Argentina. And damn, it was all delicious!. I think everyone left with a good impression of what Thanksgiving is for. Good time.

Olives wrapped in proscuitto and tossed with pistachios and bacon:

One guy brought home made mac and cheese. I was in heaven!

One loaded plate. Check out that deviled egg, side by side with an empanada! Oh yeah.

Not turkey, but it will suffice:

All 3 members of NAFTA getting along:

Sweet Rice:


These days kids are dressing up in their evening best for Thanksgiving:

And not just the guys:

Mesmerized by the desserts:

Funny faces at the kids table:

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