Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Sloviteranean

We headed out again for another full day, this time at the Slovenian coastline. 42 kilometers of Mediterannean bliss, sandwiched between Italy and Croatia. Really, Slovenia has got it all. Of course, on the way, we had to make some stops.

First stop was at a place on the Italian border with some famous white horses. I don’t know much about them, but hey, they looked cool. Brecht decided to hop of the fence and feed them a packed of sugar. He was surprisingly successful.

We arrived at a small spot on the coast which Andrej only knew of because he worked at a summer camp here. So it was desolate and we had it basically to ourselves. Amazing views of Italy in the background, and since it happened to be so dang clear, we could see some buildings in Venice, and Trieste, which is pretty close. The salty mediterannean water was quite refreshing and a great swimming temperature. So we commenced to do some proper lounging for a few hours after swimming.

The next hard chore was lunch. Andrej took us to his favorite local seafood spot, where we added in a bottle of Slovenian white wine. Slovenia produces white and red wines (different regions), and they are really pretty dang good. We also ordered a massive platter of whole white fish, squid, (not lobster or crayfish…), and some tiny white fish like anchovies. One of the best meals of the trip, really fresh and cooked amazingly. Of course Andrej bumped into someone he knew quite well while eating at the restaurant.

Then we walked a few kilometers to a beautiful mediterannean Slovenian town. I’ve never been to Italy, but it’s what I imagine a coastal town being. Hilly, full of orange roofs, and vespas zooming through narrow ancient streets. I must add we walked by a nude beach on the way, not something you see in the US regularly haha. We proceeded to the next beach over, and per the usual at this point swam and lounged for a few hours.

After again picking up dinner ingredients at the grocery store, we headed to the next campsite. This was not exactly located in the wilderness, rather a half camp, half rv park just outside a resort like town. By resort I mean the place people go on honeymoons or dates or places for yuppies to spend a lot of money. So it wasn’t my cup of tea, but nice to see. The four of us had drinks outside a place, and I think we were the only people that didn’t look like they were blissfully in love, it was quite entertaining.

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