Friday, March 4, 2011

Fish Balls

Per the usual, I've been doing my best to sample just about everything I can find in the grocery store, without reserve, discrimination, or food racism. Here's my latest in Swedish findings:

Quite possibly one of the most disgusting foods that has come into contact with my taste buds recently is fish balls! Basically, like a hot dog in fish form (leftover fish scraps), but formed into a ball instead of a weener. I'm not sure the problem however lied with the fish balls themselves. Rather, they were smothered in some creamy, thick dill sauce in the can and well, after nearly upchucking, I really had to throw the whole can out after 1 bite! That is one purchase that will not occur again.

This plate contains several Swedish staples. Boiled potatoes galore (taken straight quite often but sometimes with a delicious cream-based gravy sauce). And, lingonberry jam. Yum. Lingonberry jame is placed quite often on meatballs and various other meat products. In this case, a side for a Swedish style meatloaf that was actually very good. An odd, but surprisingly decent combination.

The Pizza Kebap! Okay this isn't exactly Swedish since it is of kebap origin and the pizzeria I bought it at is run by middle eastern guys. But, it is not something they sell in kebap shops in England or Germany or many other places in Europe for that matter. Not bad though.

Some fluffy chocolate balls with coconut, yum:


Still waiting to be tested in the fridge are Blodpudding and Fiskpudding (Fishpudding)

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  1. dude, none of that looks appetizing to me.


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