Saturday, August 14, 2010

Food... Mmmmm

Super excited for trying new foods in Scotland! Even if it is the UK, and the reputation is horrendous... Here's a list of stuff I want to try:

Bovril (drink made from yeast & beef extract)
Scotch Pie (mince pie)
Bridie (some sort of Scottish pastry)
Clapshot (vegetable dish from potatoes, turnips, & chives)
Rumbledethumps (Potato, cabbage, onion...One of Gordon Browns favorite foods, HA!)
Cullen Skink (soup of some sort)
Deep Fried Mars Bar
Edinburgh Rock
Cock-a-leekie Soup (Soup of Leeks, Chicken Stocks, and Prunes.. Really, Prunes??)

Despite the funny sounding names and preceeding reputations, I will not be swayed by public opinion. Even if it looks like dog doo, I'm gonna give it a shot. Stay tuned for more food commentary.

For the record, I have decided after meeting many a Brit in South America that UK English is funny and entertaining. I'm going to take careful note of all the hilarious words they say and provide subsequent commentary and translation.

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